division of fees

division of fees
A permissible practice as between attorneys at law representing a client jointly, the division being equal in the absence of a contract to the contrary. 7 Am J2d Attys § 260. A reprehensible practice, which is a ground for disbarment or suspension of license, where performed in consideration of the solicitation of business by the person with whom the fee is split. Utz v State Bar of California, 21 Cal 2d 100, 150, 130 P2d 377; Re Tuthill, 256 App Div 539 10 NYS2d 643, app den 256 App Div 1059 11 NYS2d 842. Also a reprehensible practice, known as fee-splitting, where it consists in the conduct of an employment agency in charging a fee to the worker and paying a part of it to the employer; a practice akin to job-selling by foremen and superintendents. Ribnik v McBride, 277 US 350, 72 L Ed 913.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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